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Welcome week 2019

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  • Welcome to NHHS!

    The Student Association of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHHS) is thrilled to welcome you to NHH. The Welcome week is arranged by students at NHH and is intended for all new students, whether you are an international master student or an exchange student here at NHH. Everyone is welcome to participate, and we encourage you to do so.

    In order to give you a taste of what the student life at NHH is like, we have planned an array of events both during the day and at night throughout the whole Welcome Week. The schedule for these events can is linked under the tab “schedule”. In the first week, we want new students to get to know each other and have fun before easing into the academic life which awaits after the Welcome Week. We guarantee you that there are events to suit everyone´s preferences, and we encourage you to participate as much as possible. Your student life will be greatly enhanced if you make connections with your fellow students here at NHH, which is why we have set the social aspect in focus this first week. We also hope that this will allow you to feel integrated into the NHHS community by the end of the week, and guarantee that you will have a fantastic and fun week!
    Mentors and Mentor Groups

    Mentors and Mentor Groups

    All new students who participate in FKU will be placed in a mentor group with other students. International students are placed in their own groups. There are international master mentor groups and exchange mentor groups, so all exchange students are in groups with other exchange students, etc. Your mentors are current students at NHH and will be your source of information throughout the week. Their job is to make you feel welcome, and will wear recognizable white t-shirts throughout the whole week. They will also arrange pre-parties before arrangements and give you an orientation of the school. They can answer any questions you have about NHHS, academics, and Bergen in general. We recommend that you use your mentors proactively–they have a lot of knowledge about NHH and NHHS, and can support you if you have any questions about your new situation.
    A Good Alternative: Alcohol Free Welcome Week

    A Good Alternative: Alcohol Free Welcome Week

    For those who prefer a week without alcohol, or just want to change between alcohol inclusive and non-alcohol inclusive events, we of course have an alternative program. Some of the alcohol-free activities include river rafting and an extremesports day at Voss, a town one hour outside of Bergen. This is a very fun alternative if you want to see some more of Norway during your first week!

    You can choose to participle in the non-alcohol group for the whole week, or just for a couple of days. However, those who want to be in the non-alcohol group for the entirety of the week will be prioritized. They will also have priority for the alcohol-free events that require signing-up or pre-payment.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    Zero tolerance at NHH

    Zero tolerance at NHH

    We want to offer our students a safe environment. At NHHS we therefore have zero tolerance for the use and sale of drugs. We also have zero toelrance for harrassment. If you violate these rules, you can face exclusion from NHHS and police involvement. If you need help or observe any other students using illegal substances or harrassing other students, please report it to NHH. You may also contact the President of the Executive Board in NHHS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 932 12 786.
    Welcome Week Wristband

    Welcome Week Wristband

    In order to participate in the events arranged during Welcome Week, you need a wristband. For more information about the Welcome Week Wristband, see "Tickets".

    Last, but not least...

    We welcome you to NHHS and the Welcome Week. All you have to do now is study the activity plan, familiarize yourself with all of our information channels, and look forward to a wonderful week in the city between seven mountains!
  • Facebook-groups

    The Facebook group NHH MEBA is open for ALL international master students. The Facebook group NHH Exchange students fall 2019, is for all exchange students!

    This will be your primary source of information during The Welcome Week and throughout the semesters. Join the appropriate group to receive updates from the FKU committee throughout the Welcome Week.

    FKU Point

    FKU-punkt is a stand placed outside of the Aula, and is open from Monday to Friday during the Welcome Week. At the FKU point there will be one or more representatives from the FKU committee who can help you out with most things. They will answer questions, sell tickets for the different activities during FKU, and also acts as a lost and found during the week. They are also more than happy to have a chat, so come by and say hello!

    Opening times for the FKU point will be published soon.

    Information Channels and Social Media

    There are several channels where you can follow us during FKU and also later on in the semester! Here are some of the most useful channels to follow:

    Contact Hanne and Ingrid

    Before and under FKU you may have many questions. You can check the FAQ tab linked above, or you can contact Hanne Nygaard, who is responsible for FKU, or Ingrid Stolt-Nielsen, who is the Head of Public Affairs in the Executive Board. Their contact information can be found here:Kontakt.
  • Matriculation

    Q: What should I wear to the matriculation?

    A: The dresscode is semi-formal/formal. Girls usually wear a nice dress, and boys wear suits.

    Q: Where do I meet up?

    A: The matriculation ceremony is in the Aula at NHH. The entrance to the Aula is to the right of the main entrance. The route will be clearly marked on the day of the ceremony.


    To get from the city center or Sandviken to NHH, you can take bus no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 39 and 83. The bus stop is called "Handelshøyskolen", and it takes 3-4 minutes to walk down to NHH. Coming from Åsane you can take bus no. 3, 4, 5 and 36 and get off at "Handelshøyskolen". For bus schedules visit skyss.no.


    Q: Do I have to attend all events during the Welcome week?

    A: Not at all. There are many activities to pick and choose from, and many think it can be a bit overwhelming.

    It may therefore be useful to know that everything that happens of activities during the Welcome week organized by NHHS is optional to attend (matriculation and case are both organized by NHH is mandatory). The Mentors will tell you about the events, and will arrange gatherings before these.

    Many people choose to take a day off or join the alcohol free group a day or two!

    Information about Welcome week

    Q: Where can I find information about everything that happens under the Welcome Week?

    A: On nhhs.no will find everything you need to know. Your mentors are available for questions during the whole week.

    You can also stop by our stand in FKU-stand of the school.

    See more under "Stay tuned" here at nhhs.no.

    Join NHHS

    Q: How can I join the various groups in the student union?

    A: There are many committees, interest groups and sports teams in NHHS, and common to all is that every year they gladly admit new members. The week after the Welcome Week, the Recruiting Week are held, where you will get the chance to become familiar with all the groups and get information about admission to these.

    Read more under "Recruitment Week"


    Q: What is daghavende?

    A: Every day of the Welcome week, one or more from the Welcome week committee will be Daghavende. They will ware dark t-shirts, and are responsible for what happens all day. If you have questions or anything you want to tell us about, notify Daghavende.

    Daghavende can also be reached by phone (+47) 451 86 050 at all times (24 hours a day). This number is printed on all welcome week wristbands.


    Q: What is vannland?

    A: Vannland or Waterland are in the Aula and is open when there's a party in the basement (Klubben/Campus). Waterland is a lounge where you can take a break. You can drink water and you can buy pizza if you're hungry.

    Waterland is an alcohol-free zone and will have different forms of entertainment. Waterland is open to everyone whether you have been drinking or not.
  • Daghavende

    Daghavende is a guard who is there for you in any situation!

    Everyday of the week, at least two students from the Welcome Week Committee will be responsible for events arranged during the day and night.

    Their main goal is to be there for you. Should you have any questions or experience any unwanted or uncomfortable situations, reach out to them on campus or call them. Daghavende are available 24 hours a day and can be contacted on (+47) 451 86 050. They will wear dark t-shirts with "Daghavende" written on them.

    Mentor Arrangement

    Mentor Arrangement
    Before the start of the semester, all new students will be contacted by a current student who will be your personal mentor.

    Mentorordningen NHHS aims to answer questions regarding the school, the student organisation, and life in Bergen and Norway in general. Read more about the mentor arrangement: here.

    Extra night buses

    Updated information about extra night buses will be announced soon!

    Bus number 83 between Nesttun, Bergen and Øyjorden will have extra night departues from August 12-18. See skyss.no for more information. Below are depature times from some stops:

    From city centre
    Nesttun terminal B          00.43     01.43
    Festplassen K    01.00      02.00
    Øyjorden    01.14    02.14

    To city centre
    Øyjorden    00.48       01.48
    Olav Kyrres gate A    01.00    02.00
    Nesttun terminal A           01.24    02.24


    Vannland is to act as a lounge for those who wish to take a break from the party. You can get water or purchase pizza and other non-alcoholic beverages. Vannland will be in the sober room in Kjelleren and will be open every night there is a school party in Kjelleren (Campus/Klubben). There will be served water, and pizza and other non-alcoholic beverages will be sold. Vannland will be set up in the sober room and will be open every night there is a school party in Kjelleren (Campus/Klubben).

    Vannland is open for everyone - whether you have had nothing to drink or too much. Vannland is an alcohol-free zone. Vannland is the place to go if you need to take a breather from the party.

    Get to know "Kjelleren"

    The basement or "Kjelleren" is the student organization nightclub!

    Kjelleren has many rooms and it can be difficult to navigate at first. To become more familiar with the basement you can take a look at the map here.


  • What is the Recruitment Week?

    What is the Recruitment Week?

    The Recruitment Week is held in order to show what the student organisation NHHS has to offer and takes place the week after FKU. Under FKU, you will be introduced to NHHS as a whole, but once you dive under the surface you will discover that there are a variety of activities, projects, and groups you can join. It can be hard to navigate the labyrinth that is NHHS, and that is why we have Recruitment Week. Here you will find all the information you need. You will soon discover that NHHS has something to offer for everyones tastes and preferences!

    Tuesday, August 20th:
    17:00 Information meeting
    17:00 Meet different committees in the Aula

    Wednesday, August 21st
    12:00 Meet interest groups at Stemmemyren
    19:00 Meet the Aula in the Aula

    Thursday, August 22nd
    16:00 Stands eve

    From Friday, August 23rd the different groups will arrange try-outs/enrollment, and most groups hold a short interview, so be prepared! Although it may sound scary, don´t be afraid – the students just want to get to know you better!

    There will be more information regarding the Recruitment Week on nhhs.no once it gets closer, but we can guarantee you an engaging and memorable week where you will get an insight into one of Norway´s largest student organisations.
  • Tickets

    In order to parictipate in FKU, you need to buy a ticket. After the information meeting on Monday during FKU, you will be able to exchange this ticket for a wristband. This will gave you access to all arrangements by NHHS during FKU:

    The tickets are purchased at www.albillett.no/nhhs. It costs 610 NOK per ticket. Please register the phone number that you usually use as this is number you will use for all other ticket purchases during FKU. You can pay using several debit- and credit cards (ie. Visa, MasterCard, AmEx) from customers all over the world. If you experience any trouble with payment, please contacts Markus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    It will also be possible to buy the main ticket on Monday at NHH with cash or card. Note that the price will be 660 NOK at school as we wish that all new students purchase their tickets beforehand.

    The tickets for Sea Rafting, Extremsports Day at Voss and the registration for the boat trip to Geitøya will also be launched at albillett.no/nhhs. To buy tickets to these arrangements, you have to have a main ticket as well.


    WhatTicket ReleasePrice
    Boat trip to GeitøyaTuesday (Aug 12) 09:00Free (100 spots)
    River Rafting WednesdayTuesday (Aug 12) 09:00 120 NOK
    Extremesports Day VossWednesday (Aug 13) 09:00 120 NOK
    River Rafting FridayWednesday (Aug 13) 09:00 120 NOK

    If you arrive at NHH after the information meeting on Monday, it will be possible to get your wristband at certain times at the FKU point. If you cannot attend FKU before Thursday, we will offer FKU tickets at a discounted price on Thursday morning.

    FKU tickets and other tickets can be purchased HERE Note Ticket sales open on July 29 at 00:00.
    • In order to purchase a ticket to the Welcome Week, you need to provide us with your emergency contact information in case anything happens.

      Are you purchasing your tickets online? You will register this information when purchasing the ticket. You can buy tickets HERE.

      Are you purchasing your tickets by card or cash at school? You will have to register the information beforehand. Please fill out this form: