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FM#2 2019

  • FM#2 2019

    FM#2 2019

    • Welcome to FM#2

      Welcome to FM#2

      Velkommen til Foreningsmøte!

      FM #2 vil bli holdt i Aulaen onsdag 27. mars kl 17:15.

      Som alltid blir det gratis pizza og muligheten til å kjøpe drikke for alle som deltar på møte!

      Foto: Margherita Carrozzo, Foto NHHS
    • Hva er FM?

      Hva er FM?

      Foto: Foto NHHS - Niusha Baradaran

      Hva er FM? What is FM?
      Foreningsmøtet (FM) er det øverste organet i Norges Handelshøyskoles Studentforening og er ekstremt viktig for et velfungerende studentdemokrati. Fire ganger i året arrangerer Profileringsutvalget FM der viktige saker som berører stud.NHHS tas opp.

      FM fungerer som en sosial arena med en gyllen anledning for deg som student til å komme med innspill og spørsmål, møte nye og gamle bekjente, eller rett og slett bare oppdatere deg på hva som rører seg i de ulike underutvalgene og interessegruppene ved skolen. Her vil blant annet nye grupper til NHHS og NHHI presenteres, årsregnskapet til NHHS vil fremlegges og i tillegg vil alle saker som går utenfor Kjernestyrets og Representantskapets mandat bli tatt opp. Her følger investeringer på over 100 000 kr og lov- og instruksendringer, og da er nettopp din stemme viktig!

      Alle studenter og studiner ved NHH har stemme- og talerett. FM er altså din sjanse til å påvirke og forme vår alles kjære studentforening og studenthverdag. Kom på FM, møt medstudenter, spis litt pizza og bli oppdatert på hva som rører seg i studentforeningen!

      Hilsen Profileringsutvalget
      The general assembly (FM) is the highest authority in NHHS and is essential for a functioning student democracy. FM is arranged four times a year by The Promotion Committee, and important issues regarding the students are discussed and voted on.

      FM is also an excellent social arena, where you can have your say and ask questions, meet old and new friends, or just get an update on what is happening in the different sub-committees and interest groups at the school. New groups in NHHS and NHHI, and the annual reports of NHHS will be presented, in addition to all issues that are above the authority of The Executive Board and The Board of Representatives. This includes investments above 100 000 kr and changes in the laws and instructions, which shows that your vote is important!

      All students of Norwegian School of Economics (NNH) have a right to vote and speak at FM. FM is your chance to influence and shape our beloved common student society and your everyday as a student at NHH. Come join FM, meet other students, eat free pizza and get an update on what is happening in you student society!

      Best regards, The Promotion Committee
  • Debattregler / Rules of the debate

    • Taletid på innlegg er to minutter
    • Replikk vises med to fingre, taletid er et minutt
    • Det gis anledning til svarreplikk
    • Replikk på replikk er ikke tillatt
    • Saksopplysning vises med timeout-tegn, og man får ordet med en gang
    • Kun oppklarende saksopplysninger er tillatt

    Kun leder i Kjernestyret og leder i Representantskapet kan gå opp til ordstyrerbordet.

    • Maximum time of speach is two minutes.
    • Replies are shown by raising two fingers, and can be a maximum of one minute.
    • There is a maximum of two replies per question or argument, but never a reply to another reply.
    • Relevant information about the case may be presented by showing the time out symbol.

    Only the leaders of The Executive Board and The Board of Representatives are allowed to approach the moderators
  • Referat og dagsorden / Report and agenda

    • Agenda

      Ordstyrer: Ellen Hjermann
      Bisitter: Haavard Traa

      Dagens agenda er:
      • 01/19 - Godkjenning av referat og dagsorden
      • 02/19 - Meldingsrunde
      • 13/19 - Den økonomiske situasjonen i NHHS
      • 14/19 - Endring i Loven for NHHS
      • 15/19 - Diskusjon om språk i lovdokumenter
      • 16/19 - Endring i loven for UKEN
      • 17/19 - Presentasjon av det økonomiske resultatet til Bergen Challenge
      • 18/19 - NHHS Kramperuss
      • 19/19 - Resultatene av Vårvalget
      • 20/19 - Eventuelt
    • Report FM#1

    • Report FM#4 2018

  • Benkeforslag / Counter proposal

    Her kan du se benkeforslag etter hvert som de kommer:

    Legg inn benkeforslag her
  • Meldingsrunde / Reports from the boards

    Representantskapet/The Board of Representatives

    Representantskapet/The Board of Representatives

    Dear fellow students!

    It has only been a month since the last General Assembly but a lot has happened. First of all we would like to congratulate the NHH Symposium on the success with their conference. It is fantastic to see what you have accomplished with your 400 Symposjonærer and we are looking forward to see the financial result at FM#3.

    This spring the Board of Representatives are working on a lot bigger structural change in NHHS. First we have made a big change in the pricing of services in NHHS and made it free to use equipment owned by NHHS. Before the summer we will start to plan better each semester with the new semesterplan. All relevant groups will be called in to meetings with Head of Internal Affairs in NHHS.

    In collaboration with NHHS Consulting we are making a new survey for all trustees in NHHS which we expect all to answer. We will then get better facts on what you trustees think about different subjects in NHHS.

    We are working on splitting up NHHS in more organizational numbers where the project organizations will now be their own legal entities. At the same time we are doing a bigger organizational structure change where we are looking at the possibility to create a new control body consisting of both former and current students.

    Together with MEBA Council, The Executive Board and the Promotion Committee we have discussed how to increase the participation at the General Assembly. The discussions have been fruitful with new ideas already implemented. The work will be finalised in the end of the year.

    We are also happy to announce that we also have hired a new controller project. The position is The Board of Representatives representative in relations to the projects, and do vital work for us. We are planning on hiring more controllers this spring, if you are interested in becoming a controller please contact Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den..

    Best regards
    The Board of Representatives
    Kasper Lie Asdal, 3. kull, Leder / President

    Kasper Lie Asdal, 3. kull, Leder / President

    The extreme amount of activities that is occuring in NHHS during a semester has by no means declined since last FM. We have seen many traditional events take place, as well as some new additions to the NHHS calendar.

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate the people behind the NHH Symposium for a fantastic event! It is greatly inspiring to view the hard work all the symptionaries have put in to create such an amazing conference. It was very exciting to see the output of it all. This was truly professional work in all parts of the organization. Congratulations!

    I would also like to highlight the work the board of Women Finance Day did in order to host their event in March. Women in finance is an important topic, and I am very pleased that it was raised by this committee.

    As I am writing this, we are three days prior to the spring election in NHHS. I am looking forward to see the new candidates, and cooperating with them in the coming semester. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated.
    Jonas Personbråten Ludvigsen, 3.kull, Fagpolitisk ansvarlig / Head of Academic Affairs

    Jonas Personbråten Ludvigsen, 3.kull, Fagpolitisk ansvarlig / Head of Academic Affairs

    Dear all,

    Since the last FM times have been busy. It has been a period of learning after the executive board have visited our friends at Svenska Handelshögskolan in Finland (yes, it is in Finland). Visiting the other economic schools in Scandinavia is a great experience and gives valuable insight in how student unions are run at other schools. I really look forward welcoming representatives from Sweden and Finland to Norway this week!

    I was also so lucky to be able to attend both days of the NHH Symposium. And I must say I am really impressed of the conference. It was an manifestation of what the wonders of voluntary contributions and student engagement can result in. An extra thanks to the board and all involved students – thank you!

    There has also been a lot to do on the academic side. The school is to decide on new guidelines for language and is having much the same debates that we see at the student union these days. We are also forming new guidelines for how we wish the physical learning environment to be, so if you have contributions to this – please contact me.

    Last, but not least, we are about to move offices to Merino. If you feel a lack of information about the moving in light of reading halls, classrooms and learning resources, please notify me. And as always: questions can always be sent via “Faglige spørsmål” at nhhs.no.
    Ingrid Stolt-Nielsen, 4.kull, Informasjonsansvarlig / Head of Public Affairs

    Ingrid Stolt-Nielsen, 4.kull, Informasjonsansvarlig / Head of Public Affairs

    Dear NHHS,

    We are soon in April, and time goes by way too quickly. Even though time flies, a lot has happened in NHHS since the last General Assembly five weeks ago. First of all, this General Assembly marks the end of this year’s spring elections. I want to thank the promotion committee and everyone else involved for a job well done. It is great to see all candidates engaged in NHHS, and I am looking forward to working together with the new trustees the coming year. We have also held the second Strategic Forum, where several good discussions took place.

    I want to congratulate the NHH Symposium for arranging a fantastic conference. It is amazing to see what we as student can create together, and the unity in the process. You have made something you can all be really proud of! I also want to congratulate UKEN with MidtUKEfesten. We had a blast, and we are already excited for UKEN 20.

    As we are getting close to this spring’s exam period, we have started the planning of next semester, starting with the welcome week and the recruitment week. More information about this will come soon. As many of you are aware of, we are now starting the full moving of NHHS down to Merino. Several groups have already started making their new rooms ready, and I am excited for creating a new environment for NHHS at Merino. I hope you all are too!

    There is as always a lot happening in our student union, and it is not always easy to catch all the information. We are currently working on creating a new calendar for nhhs.no, where several services are gathered in one place. We are also working on creating a more user friendly booking system and booking information. More information about this will come.

    If you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards,
    Markus Jullum Ericsson, 4.kull, Økonomiansvarlig / Head of Financial Affairs

    Markus Jullum Ericsson, 4.kull, Økonomiansvarlig / Head of Financial Affairs


    Since last General Assembly it has been quite quiet on the finance front. It has been business as usual with continuous work with the accounting group. There has been few investments since last time.

    My focus these days are the account receivable. Together with the accounting group we are doing a comprehensive cleanup here, to make sure we collect our money from companies and groups in NHHS. We have also established a debt limit, which restricts groups to have too much debt to NHHS over time.

    I am glad to inform that we are one step closer to a digital outlay form! We have got confirmed that we legally could use our module, and the IT-group are now preparing to implement this together with the accounting group. So hopefully it will be up and running in the nearest future :D

    Lastly, I would like to inform you about the upcoming revision of the budget process. I will soon send out mail with information about how this is going to be done, but you could start to prepare possible changes in your budget that you would like to suggest.

    What Who Amount Approved by
    Support for coverage of BergensBaneløpet K7 Minutter 4698,- Øko KS
    Two projectors for rental K7 Minutter 9 500,- Øko KS
    Prize for Employment survey Business Committee 2 000,- Øko KS
    Loss coverage - Jentemiddagen Start 41 600,- KS/RS
    Linn Antonie Vårdal Solheim, 2. kull, Eksternansvarlig / Head of External Affairs

    Linn Antonie Vårdal Solheim, 2. kull, Eksternansvarlig / Head of External Affairs


    Since last General Assembly, things have been happening very fast. It feels like it’s been just a couple of days, and not over a month. I still feel like I just started the year, and now a third of it has passed already. I still learn a lot every day, as new issues and challenges I could never have imagined arise all the time. I would like to congratulate the NHH Symposium for having hosted a conference that exceeded all of my expectations, and was a huge success. The upcoming weekend we are hosting the NHH ball, and I am looking forward to welcoming representatives from our friend institutions and collaborative partners, both local, national and international.

    In the last few weeks, The Executive board has initiated a process on updating some of the guidelines for NHHS, including the one regarding recruitment to groups. This is a work in progress, and is a part of a bigger process where we are looking upon the recruitment process as a whole. I would also like to encourage everyone to apply for the FKU-committee, which is recruiting soon. FKU is one of the most important happenings during the year in NHHS, where we welcome our new students and include them into our student union.

    Other than that, my last few weeks have been very busy, and is best characterized by long nights, a lot of travelling and tons of casework to read up on. We’ve been to Helsinki to celebrate the 110th anniversary of The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics, and I travelled with SPU to Riga, for our annual SPUdietur. I also attended the preliminary meeting before the National Assembly of NSO, and together with my delegation, we are preparing ourselves to represent the students of NHH in the best possible way in the beginning of April.

    I would like to thank everyone for the work that you do, and since this is the last General Assembly for the semester, I wish you good luck on your upcoming exams. I hope you’ll all enjoy your easter, and that you let yourselves take a breather and a well deserved break for a few days. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the past months, it is that it’s important to prioritize time to take care of yourself and the ones around you for things to function optimally.

    Lots of love to all the people who actually takes their time to read this, you’re amazing.

    Linn Antonie
    Hanne Sofie Nygård, 2.kull, Prosjektansvarlig / Head of Projects

    Hanne Sofie Nygård, 2.kull, Prosjektansvarlig / Head of Projects

    Dear all students!

    Life in the Executive Board is as always busy, but so much fun. I will use this opportunity to congratulate the board of the NHH-Symposium and all the hardworking sympsionaries for a great conference, and a great symposion. It was amazing!

    Saturday this week, the NHH-Ball will take place at Grand Bergen. The Ball committee has been working hard the last couple of months to make this evening perfect, and I am really excited to see the result. I hope you are too!

    If you are interested in contributing in one of the projects, I am now looking for a group of students that will help me plan the traditional 17th of May breakfast. Announce your interest by sending an email to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den..

    As we are beginning to enter the last half of the semester, I have also started working on this years highlight; FKU! Even though we can run into some problems related to the renovation, I promise I will do everything in my power to make a perfect week to all new students beginning in August, as well as to all existing students. I will soon begin recruiting the FKU committee, and I recommend everyone to apply! Follow NHHS on facebook to get necessary all information about the application process. I will also publish information in the near future about how you can contribute to FKU in other ways, like being a mentor or a volunteer.

    Lastly I will encourage everyone to take advantage of the few weeks we have left in the basement. Remember that Klubben is open every weekday, and please don't forget to get your tickets for NHH-Aids event “Den siste festen”. It is an event you can not miss!

    See you there,
    Ivar Lyngedal, 3. kull, Internansvarlig / Head of Internal Affairs

    Ivar Lyngedal, 3. kull, Internansvarlig / Head of Internal Affairs

    Hey kiddo’s.
    Since the last FM i have spent a lot of time on the moving of NHHS to Merino. We are moving all the offices except a few in Nybygget. I believe the end result will be great, with common areas and ‘skjenkebevilgning’.

    NHHS are hosting a couple events before the moving to Merino, for example NHH-Aid’s charity concert with Staysmann & Lazz on the fifth of April. I am truly looking forward to this semesters last Aula-party, and hope to see you there!

    As many of you have noticed the reconstruction of NHH is starting as i write this. We are starting a two-year period where the everyday life at NHH will be disrupted by huge trucks, nail guns and people wearing Blåkläder. We are working to ensure that this does not affect the students more than necessary. If you feel unsafe or unwelcome by the building-people, please don't hesitate to let KS know!

    I also want to thank everyone who has arranged opens events this semester, both big such ass Backlines concert, but also small such as KKU’s biweekly Pubquiz! You guys make the student union better!
    Bjørn Bue Kessel, 2.kull, Markedsansvarlig / Head of Corporate Relations

    Bjørn Bue Kessel, 2.kull, Markedsansvarlig / Head of Corporate Relations


    Since last time the first WFD at NHH and the Symposium has been held where several companies attended. Thanks to all who made it happen, a success for NHHS .

    The new partnership-program for NHH is forming and we´ve had several productive meetings with NHH trying to figure out a good solution for splitting the generated income. We believe both parts can gain from such a program as the cakes gets bigger.

    On the CRM front I am in contact with copper (made for gmail) who will help make a suitable CRM system for us. Otherwise, several renegotiations are currently taking place to enhance our organization even further.

    Lately there have been problems regarding “retningslinjer for markedsarbeid”. Some groups have violated the rules and I hope all groups that are planning to interact with companies consults with KS before arranging the event.
  • Sammendrag av sakene / Summary of the cases

    Case 13/19 - Financial situation NHHS
    The Head of Financials Affairs in the Executive Board will present the current financial situation in NHHS. He will talk us through what is happening considering NHHS’ finances these days, including for example accounts receivables and company presentations.

    Case 14/19 - Law for NHHS
    The application concerns changing which member of the Executive Board is listed as the contact person for the following subcommittees in the Law of NHHS to better reflect today’s actual practices, and to minimize the amount of mandatory people involved in the bureaucracy of each group.

    Økonomiformidlingen: From Head of Financial Affairs to Head of External Affairs
    NHHI: From Head of Internal Affairs to Head of External Affairs
    MEBA Council: From Head of External Affairs to Head of Projects
    International Committee: From Head of External Affairs to Head of Projects

    Both the Executive Board and the Board of Representatives is positive to approve the application.

    15/19 - Discussion language
    The Executive Board wished to discuss with the whole student union which language(s) we want our laws, instructions and guidelines to have. As a part of the long-term strategy, the Student Union stated that language shall not be a barrier for participation in NHHS. Therefore, the debate has been ongoing on how to achieve this goal, and how we shall treat our legislation in this aspect. Last General Assembly there arose such a discussion when processing a law, and therefore the Executive Board wishes to have this discussion on FM#2 to get insight of the Student Union’s opinions about this subject.

    16/19 - Law for UKEN
    UKEN want to change their law. The group sent in a second application after the first was revised by the Board of Representatives and the Executive Board. UKEN have revised the entire law and translated it to English. The revision is mostly just to update an old and outdated law. This is now a law, but because the status of the document changed from instruction to law at the first Strategic Forum the first application refers to it as an instruction.

    Both the Executive Board and the Board of representatives recommends to approve the new law with the new edits.

    17/19 - Financial results BC
    The project organization Bergen Challenge is presenting the financial results from their student sports festival in 2018. The Head of Financial Affairs will lead us through their accounts and the end results of the festival from the financial perspective.

    18/19 - NHHS Kramperuss
    NHHS Kramperuss has applied to become an interest group in NHHS. The purpose of the group is to support the interest of the russ-culture, as well as arranging an “X-russefest” at school. The group wants to arrange an “X-russefest” because they feel that this has been lacking in the student union.

    The Executive Board have approved the application to become an interest group.

    19/19 - Results of the Spring election
    This General Assembly marks the end of this year's Spring Elections. Before the result is published at nhhs.no, it will be announced at the General Assembly for the Student Union. After three days with campaigns, the new trustees in NHHS will be elected. Many positions are to be filled, and it will be exciting to see the results.
  • Den økonomiske situasjonen i NHHS / The Financial Situation in NHHS

    • Den økonomiske situasjonen i NHHS

      Saken legges frem på foreningsmøte av Markus Jullum Ericsson.
  • Endring i Loven for NHHS / Change in the Law for NHHS

    • Søknad

    • Innstilling Kjernestyret

    • Innstilling RS

  • Diskusjon om språk i lovdokumenter / Discussion of language in law documents

    • Notat fra Kjernestyret

  • Endring i loven for UKEN / Change in Law for UKEN

    • Current application - Change of instructions UKEN

    • Withdrawn application - Changes in the instruction UKEN

    • Withdrawn - New instruction for UKEN

    • Withdrawn application - Recommendation from The Executive Board

    • Withdrawn application - Change of instructions UKEN

    • Current application - Recommendation from The Executive Board

    • Current application - Recommendation from The Board of Representatives

    • Current application - Changes in the instruction UKEN

    • Current instruction for UKEN

  • Presentasjon av det økonomiske resultatet til Bergen Challenge / Financial results Bergen Challenge

    • Presentasjon av det økonomiske resultatet til Bergen Challenge

      Saken legges frem på foreningsmøtet av Martin Skaug.
  • NHHS Kramperuss

    • Recommendation the Executive board for NHHS Kramperuss

    • Application NHHS kramperuss

  • Resultatene av Vårvalget / Results from the spring election

    • Resultatene av Vårvalget

      Resultatene annoneseres på Foreningsmøtet før det blir publisert på nhhs.no.
  • Eventuelt / Additional